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Taylor Pond and the two properties on either side of it were once one large property, adding up to about 10 acres. Ken Taylor, whom Taylor Pond is named after, went in on the 10-acre land with his best friend from childhood and his brother-in-law. They then divided the land into 3 properties where they all have lived for over 30 years now.
Before Ken and his buddies owned the property, the land was once owned by a prominent political figure by the name of Frank L. Gegax. Gegax purchased this property during World War II because he deemed it safe from nuclear warfare believing that the surrounding hillsides would shield his family from a nuclear blast. One of the properties even has a bomb shelter on it!

Some of the amenities include a game room, which also doubles as an Airbnb, a huge pond with canoes, fishing, a zipline, archery, a rock wall for climbing, and golf carts to get around. Huge thanks to Ken’s son, Dave, who can literally build anything and has greatly helped create all the features we see today!

Taylor Pond has gone through many transitions but this may be the most exciting chapter in its life as it is now open with welcoming arms to the public (so long as you are a guest)! You can choose your level of luxury whether it’s a lake-front suite, camper van, or primitive camping.

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What Our Visitors are Saying


“I will never stay anywhere else in Poway! Still talking about Taylor Pond for weeks after my stay. Didn't get a chance to zipline but it looked great. And we loved the dogs around the property, so welcoming! Absolutely amazing!”


Senior Developer, Digital Marketing


"Place is excellent, clean, we met lot of friendly people in neighborhood, Overall me and my family very much liked our stay and David is very helpful and a great host, I would love to come and stay there again with my family during next vacation. Thanks David"


Dynamic Functionality Manager, Trail Auto


"This was such a cool and beautiful place to stay. David was friendly and knowledgeable. We loved using the canoes and zip line! We will be back!!!"


Product Solutions, Software Company


"This place was fantastic! The pond out back is huge and there are a lot of fun things around! It was close to a lot of stores, but it’s far enough back from the road that it doesn’t feel busy, and it’s a short drive from San Diego. I’m so glad my friends and I got to stay here."


Program Representative, House Print

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